Advice regarding possible Withdrawal from Courses


Advice regarding possible Withdrawal from Courses

A student may drop a course up to the deadline set by the institution.   Attempts to drop a course after the posted are likely to be denied.   So, if you are encountering difficulties in your studies that might require that a course be dropped, please consult your advisor as soon as possible. 

Instructors are permitted to give an Incomplete grades only when students:
1)   have substantially participated in more than half of the course,
2)   have earned a C grade in the course up to that point, or
3)   when a sudden emergency has prevented the student from completing the course on schedule. 

Incomplete grades must be completed within a year or else they are automatically converted to an F grade.

Students whose overall grade point average drops below 2.00 are placed on academic probation for one semester and may be disqualified from the University if the grade point average is not raised to a 2.00 level during the following semester. Further, students that earn a grade of D in a course required for the major must take that course again to raise the grade to at least a C level.

This advice is included here because these points are important and are frequently misunderstood by students. However, this advisory information is not a substitute for regulations and policy contained in the UAF catalog. Every student should obtain a catalog and read it carefully to avoid misunderstandings. If you cannot find the answer to a question, please consult your advisor.