University-owned Instruments


University-owned Instruments

A limited number of University-owned music instruments are available for use by UAF music students or members of UAF music performance ensembles at a minimal cost.   The Music Department cannot rent instruments to persons not connected with the music activities of the Department.   Students who do borrow or rent instruments assume responsibility for these instruments while in their care and are required to pay for loss or damage beyond normal wear.  

Loaned Instruments must be returned at the end of the school year for inventory and repair. Students who terminate music study during the school year must return a borrowed University instrument immediately. Students who fail to return borrowed University instruments will have their grades withheld until the instrument is returned, or until the Department is compensated for the loss.   An extended delay in returning a borrowed or rented instrument could also result in the Department filing a stolen property report with UAF Police Department.

There are times when University-owned instruments must be shared by more than one person. Any person who checks out an instrument does so with the understanding that they may be required to share the instrument. The Department requests that instruments assigned to a locker not be moved by a student to another location until the person in charge of locker assignments is informed; otherwise, the Department may presume that the instrument has been stolen. University-owned instruments must not be removed from the Fairbanks municipal area, except for University-related trips authorized by the Music Department.

Students are asked to exercise extreme care when transporting instruments outdoors during periods of extreme low temperatures. Wooden instruments will crack if subjected to sudden temperature or humidity changes.

Music Department ensemble music, instruments, and equipment (such as chairs and music stands) may be used by persons who are registered for Departmental lessons or classes, or by persons participating in Departmental ensembles. Music stands may not be removed from the Fine Arts Complex to dorm rooms, or apartments, etc.   Students are asked to report to Music Department faculty or staff any music stands or equipment found outside the Music Department facility.