Undergraduate Admissions and Auditions Process

Undergraduate auditions are held before the first day of classes, fall semester and in March of spring semester. All students must pass their entrance audition before being admitted as music majors.


Undergraduate Admissions and Audition Process

An audition is required for all new students seeking to enter a music degree program. At the discretion of the music faculty, an audition may be required for a current music major who seeks to change their music degree program (such as BA to BM) or add a second music degree program (double major).

Undergraduate Audition Process:

Undergraduate auditions for admission as a music major in Fall 2019 will be held on Friday, February 22, 2019. All students must pass an audition before declaring a music major. A new student may be allowed to take music classes in the fall with the understanding that they will audition the next semester for formal admission as a music major.

Students must fill out and submit the online audition request form (see below) to book their audition (confirmation will be sent to you from the audition coordinator). Students already enrolled at UAF or those who live within the Fairbanks North Star Borough must audition in person on campus. Those outside the borough may audition in person, or may submit an unedited DVD or a link to an unedited digital audition (eg. YouTube video or Google Drive file). Auditions should include two works of contrasting style and together be about 10 minutes in length.

Please note, only music majors are eligible for music scholarship awards. To be considered for a music scholarship for the upcoming academic year, new students must first audition on February 22 and be admitted as a music major. For more information on scholarships and application process, please follow the Financial Aid link on the Department’s main web page.

All other admissions requirements are listed on the University Admissions Site.

See also the following link: Procedures for Admission as a Music Major.

Please Note - You will be required to attach a PDF file that briefly describes your musical background, interests and goals with this online application. Please make sure you have uploaded this document to your audition application BEFORE clicking the "submit" button at the end of the form.

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If you are submitting a DVD application, please select "submit" and mail your DVD to: DVD Audition/Department of Music University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Music PO Box 755660 Fairbanks, AK 99775-5660 For live auditions, please select "submit."