Private Lesson Study in Music


Private Lesson Study in Music

An essential part of all undergraduate music programs is private lesson study (sometimes referred to as Applied Music).  Because applied music study requires private or one-to-one study with an instructor, and because the capacity of the Department is limited in some instrumental areas, certain policies and procedures have been developed that are unique to these courses.   Further, there are additional fees applied for private lesson music study.   See the UAF Catalog for information on fees.

Admission to private lesson study is by audition. Enrollment of new students into private lessons courses is limited by the number of previous students that re-enroll.   Space availability in any private lesson music course is considered tentative pending determination of final enrollments, which is made during the first three days following the normal registration period. As stated in the course descriptions in the catalog, NO AUDITING is permitted for any private or class lesson.

With the exception of guitar students, each student (major or non-major) who enrolls in an applied music class will be required to concurrently enroll in an ensemble class appropriate for his or her level of musicianship and appropriate to the instrument the student is studying.

Within space available limitations, the following priorities are used in placing students in private lesson study:

  1. full-time music majors requiring lessons in their principal instrumental area,
  2. part-time degree-track music majors requiring lessons in their principal instrumental area,
  3. music majors desiring lessons in a secondary performance area,
  4. music minors, and
  5. other students desiring elective study.

Students who are neither music majors nor music minors are admitted to private lesson study based upon their contribution (potential or proven) to the Department's music performance activities, and according to the student's level of performance ability as demonstrated at the audition.   (Contribution to the Department is usually understood to be accompanying, or participation in music ensemble courses.)

Students desiring to register for Private Lessons in music must first obtain permission from the instructor in advance and obtain the instructor's signature on a course registration special permission slip.  

Without exception, students who are unable to sight-read will not be admitted to private lesson study. (MUS 151: Class Lessons and MUS 103: Fundamentals of Music are suggested as course alternatives.)   These priorities affect all students enrolling for applied music lessons.

Except for keyboard and harp performers, students are expected to supply their own instruments for private and class lessons in music performance.   Percussion students are expected to supply their own mallets and sticks.   Students cannot be issued departmental instruments for private lesson study because departmental instruments are reserved for ensemble classes and use of music methods classes.

Students enrolled in private lessons are required to meet the same recital attendance requirements as for those students enrolled for Mus. 190: Recital Attendance.  

Immediately following the beginning of the semester registration period, students are expected to contact their instructor to schedule one one-hour lesson per week for their two or four-credit lesson. (The distinction between two- and four-credit lessons is made by the quantity and difficulty of music literature learned, not the length or the number of lessons received.)

Different music degree programs require different levels of private lesson level completion, and different number of credits, depending upon the level selected   The following table summarize the levels of private lesson study expected for each of the undergraduate degree programs.   References to Mus. 390 and Mus. 490 show which semester the students would present a degree recital. 

How to Register for Private Lessons

As stated earlier, students must obtain the signature from the instructor for the private lesson instructor on a Special Permission Form before registration for private lessons is permitted.

After the student has registered for the private lesson course, he or she should deliver their complete weeklly schedule to the instructor to allow scheduling of the lesson day and time.

The Music Department cannot promise the availability of evening or weekend lesson times.   Although reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate a student's class and work schedule, if it is determined that the schedules of the instructor and the student are incompatible, the student should withdraw from the course immediately.   In such instances, the student should process a withdrawal slip for the course, and obtain a refund authorization for all associated music lessons fees.   Students who delay processing this paperwork will be dropped from the course and may find that some or all of the fees may not be refunded.

It is important that students attend each scheduled lesson. When illness forces cancellation of a scheduled lesson, students should contact the instructor in advance, if possible, so that the instructor can be notified in a timely manner. Make-up lessons will only be scheduled when absence from the original lesson is considered legitimate and unavoidable.