Practice Rooms


Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are available for UAF students enrolled in lessons, music classes, or departmental-sponsored ensembles.   Access to practice rooms is controlled by Polar Express swipe cards.   (If your card doesn't appear to open a room that you have been authorized to use, please let the Administrative Assistant in the Music Office know so that the problem can be resolved.)

Due to heavy demand for rehearsal space, practice room time is made available on a reserved basis to students registered for courses in the UAF Music Department.   Space limitations prohibit unrestricted access to practice rooms by the general university community.

Practice room reservation is governed by the following policy: Each student enrolled for private and class lessons may initially reserve practice room for the amount of one hour per day for each credit of instruction enrolled (i.e. one hour for one credit, two hours for two credits, etc.).   Students should first consult his or her applied music instructor to determine the appropriate amount of daily practice time, then go to the Music Office and ask to reserve specific days and times for practice room space.   Students should initially sign up for these recommended amounts of time at their preferred times at the Music Office (MUS 201) during the first two weeks of classes.

After the second week of classes, copies of practice room schedules will be posted on each practice room door.   Students should be aware that certain rooms are reserved for exclusive use by piano majors, harp students, or percussion majors, due to the specialized equipment in these rooms.    Requests for additional practice reservation time may be made later in the semester after all students have had a chance to reserve their basic hours as described above.  

The Department requests, that students do not sign up for an excessive period of time in any one room in order that facilities may be shared by all. Selection of non-restricted practice rooms is governed on a first-come, first-served basis.   Students who do not practice at their reserved practice times may have their practice room reservation cancelled and re-assigned to another student.   Students are asked to report abuse of reservation privileges. Any requests for changes of room assignment or time should be made through the Music Office.

It is prohibited for anyone to use practice rooms to give private music lesson instruction for personal financial gain. State law forbids such a practice.

In addition, the Piano Laboratory (Room 225) is available for any UAF music major for keyboard practice without prior reservation, provided that a piano class is not in session.  

No smoking is permitted in the Fine Arts Complex at any time.   No food or drinks are to be placed on the instruments, because of the damage that spillage can cause.   All practice rooms are locked all day and all night.   Students are also reminded that due to the large number of people using University facilities, personal belongings such as instruments, metronomes, music, or clothing should never be left unattended in the halls or in the practice rooms for even the shortest period of time.  

The University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Locker space (described below) is available for students to store their coats and personal belongings.

Please report suspicious activity (such as strangers loitering in the building) to the Music Office or to the UAF Police Department (474-721) immediately.