Music at One Recital Performance Requirement


Music at One Recital Performance Requirement

Music at One is the name for student recitals that normally take place at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon on Thursdays.   There are two student requirements regarding the Music at One Recitals.   The first part is a Music Performance requirement, and the second part is the Recital Attendance requirement.

Performance requirement.

Students are encouraged to perform on these programs as part of their private lesson study.   Every student enrolled in Private Lessons from the 261 level and higher must appear on at least one Music at One recital as a soloist during each semester of study.   Due to the large number of students who must be accommodated, it is requested that only brief works (or movements from lengthier works) be scheduled.

Your applied music instructor can give advice as to what works or movements are appropriate.   Again, due to the large number of students who must appear on these programs, it is not possible for every student to appear at the end of the semester.   (Each Music at One recital cannot exceed one hour in length.)   Therefore, your applied music instructor will arrange, with the faculty coordinator of student recitals, for the date of your appearance early in the semester.   The student should confer with his or her private lesson teacher to determine what work (or movement) would be ready for that date.   If problems are encountered, please see your applied music instructor as soon as possible.

On the date of the student’s recital appearance, performers must appear behind stage no later than 12:45 p.m. and check in with the stage crew so that they know you are ready to appear on stage.   After your performance is concluded, you are expected to sit in the audience for the remaining part of the recital.

The dress for all recital participants is minimally understood to be "semi-formal."   No sneakers; no jeans.   For men, a jacket is desirable, with tie optional.   For women, slacks with a nice top, or a dress is recommended.   Your instructor may have additional clothing requirements or prohibitions. Just remember: the better you look, the better your pieces will sound!

If you have questions about stage etiquette, please discuss this with your private lesson instructor.

Students are reminded that musical compositions they perform on Music at One recitals may not be used as performance pieces on the end-of-semester jury examination.  

Student participants are expected to be present for the entire one-hour recital time period.   The order of selections presented on a recital is determined by the faculty coordinator to achieve the best contrast of style and performance mediums.   If a student (or accompanist) can appear only at the beginning, or end, of a student recital, this information must be indicated on the Music at One submission form.  

Please note that once a recital program is printed, the order of works appearing on the program cannot be changed.   It is the responsibility of the student to foresee such problems and resolve them well in advance with the concurrence of their private lesson instructor.

Student recitals are recorded by the Department and the compact disks for these concerts are placed on the Reserve Shelf of the Rasmuson Library.   Please be careful when handling these CDs, since these are the only copies of these recitals. Other students may wish to hear them as well.

How to apply for a performance slot

When the instructor and the student both agree that a piece is ready to be performed in public, the student should fill out a Music at One Recital Request Form with all required details included.

(Failure to complete all parts of the form will cause the form to be returned and the requested recital appearance slot cancelled.) The form must be signed by both the student and the instructor.  

For Music at One recitals at the first part of the semester, he form must be submitted to the Music at One Recital Coordinator by no later than noon one week prior to the desired performance date.   The Music at One  Coordinator will attempt to place the performance on the program for that date, subject to time availability.

For the latter part of the semester,  ALL applications for Music at One appearances must be submitted to the recital coordinator by no later than November 15th or April 1th for the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

For the concluding weeks of the semester, the deadline for all Music at One recital applications are November 15th and April 1st for Fall and Spring Semesters, respectively. The Coordinator will determine the order in which this student will appear on the program.   If the desired recital date is already filled, then the Coordinator will place it on the next available date and inform the student of this change.

The length of a musical selection should be no longer than eight minutes, unless the Recital Coordinator gives permission for a longer performance appearance.

Students must understand that this form represents a firm contract between the student and the Music Department whereby the student agrees to be ready to perform on the date determined.   It is not a “hold-this-date-for-me-so-I-can-play-if-I'm-ready” agreement.