Locker Rentals


Locker Rentals

There are a limited number of storage lockers available in Room 139 for music student use based upon the following priorities:
    1.    storage of University-owned instruments and equipment,
    2.    storage of music-major-owned instruments, music and equipment, and,
    3.    storage of music materials by students participating in music classes and ensembles on a space-available basis.
The locker room is normally locked.   Access to the locker room may be accessed by students and staff through use of their Polar Express swipe card.   Music students must pay a rental fee for use of a storage locker. 

Students with rented lockers should not admit others to the locker room unless you are sure they have a locker in the room.   Lockers will normally be reassigned at the end of each academic year unless the student terminates music study before that time. Students may request that their padlocks be changed during the year to ensure the security of the lockers.   Students should not share their padlock combinations with other students.

The Department Head reserves the right to authorize the inspection of lockers, as is described along with other regulations on the locker use application form. Music students who desire to rent a locker should fill out an application in the Music Department Office.
Only Music Department-issued padlocks may be used on the lockers. Private padlocks are prohibited from use and will be removed by the UAF Facilities Services without prior warning and contents of the locker removed.

For security reasons, the music building is normally locked between 11:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. on weekdays during the school year and is closed during holidays and between semesters.   Students who anticipate need of personal materials stored in their locker when the building is locked should plan ahead to remove the necessary items during hours when the room is scheduled to be open.

The security of the materials in this room is the responsibility of the users of this room. Students are asked to report suspicious persons or suspicious activity in this room to the Music Office or to the UAF Police Department immediately (474-7721). 

Students who store personal belongings in the Music Department (in lockers or elsewhere) do so at their own risk.   Visitors to campus commonly walk through the Music Department facilities on their way to other departments. Never leave personal belongings or University-owned equipment unattended for even the shortest amount of time.