Guidelines for Project Paper

Graduate music students must complete a final Project Paper as part of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Music.


Guidelines for Project Paper Defense

The Project Paper Defense is a two-hour session during which you are queried by members of your Graduate Advisory Committee. This is a public forum. Other music faculty members in attendance may be given the opportunity to ask questions, however, only members of your committee will be involved in determining the outcome of your defense. A notice of the date, time and location of your Project Paper Defense should be posted by you no later than one week before your scheduled defense. Check with the Music Office for a template of the information required for your posted notice.

The Project Paper Defense takes place within the second semester of your second year. Your defense requires you to address the substance, style and format of your Project Paper through a line of questioning directed by members of your Graduate Advisory Committee. At least two weeks prior to the defense, you will have provided a copy of your final Project Paper draft to each member of your committee. You should expect that some further corrections and revisions will be required or recommended by your committee as a result of the defense meeting.

Your Graduate Advisory Committee evaluates your defense as a Pass, a Conditional Pass or a Fail. If you should fail the defense, you will need to consult with your committee Chair on arranging for a second defense.

Once the required revisions have been approved by all members of your committee, your Report on Project Defense form may be completed and receive the necessary signatures. Your final approved copy will include a signature page with the names of the committee members and department Chair, a title page and an abstract. You may follow the examples given in the Graduate School’s Handbook for formatting these. Project papers are archived in Scholarworks @UA, the institutional repository, in digital format. As a courtesy, you should additionally offer to provide each member of your Graduate Advisory Committee with a copy of your paper.

Please click HERE for Project Paper format and style guidelines.