These are some forms often requested by music majors.



These are some forms often requested by music majors:

End-of-Semester Jury Repertoire Sheet

Music at One Recital Request Form

New Student Entrance Audition Form 

Solo Recital Application Form

Music and Symphony Scholarship Application Form

The following link connects to a recital program template that conforms to the graphic and editorial style used by the UAF Music Department.  Students preparing a degree recital are invited to download this file and substitute names and music composition contents in the file using Microsoft Word.

Students will note that this template is optimized two produce two 5.5" by 8.5" programs printed side by side.  When you have completed re-editiing this file, then send it to for review and for printing.  Please allow at least seven days for the review and printing process.

If you have questions or have difficulty using the template, contact the administrative assistant in the Music Office, Room 201.

Recital Program Template (.doc)