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  • Jaunelle Celaire, Professor; Voice, Choir of the North

  • Lorna Eder, Term Instructor; Piano Accompaniment, Functional Piano

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Term Instructor: Cello, Music Education

  • Bryan Hall, Assistant Professor; Violin/Viola, Northern Lights String Orchestra

  • Amy Horstman Ingram -- Adjunct Instructor; Voice

  • Stuart Hudson, Adjunct Instructor; Clarinet

  • Steve Kennedy, Adjunct Instructor; Saxophone

  • Kathryn Hendrickson Eagles, Adjunct Instructor, eLearning

  • Lisa Kljaich, Adjunct Instructor, eLearning

  • Paul Krejci, Term Assistant Professor; Music History, Music Theory, Alaska Native Music

  • Suzanne McBride-Reudy, Adjunct Instructor; Piano Accompaniment

  • Dorli McWayne, Adjunct Instructor; Flute, Flute Ensemble

  • Robert Olson, Adjunct Instructor; Double Bass

  • William Post, Associate Professor; Music Theory, Ear Training, Analysis; Department Chair

  • Eric Retterer, Term Instructor; Percussion

  • Candy Rydlinski, Adjunct Instructor; Oboe

  • George Rydlinski, Adjunct Instructor; Bassoon, Wind Symphony

  • Eduard Zilberkant, Professor; Piano, Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra

  • Rebecca Dunne, Adjunct Instructor; Horn

  • Courtney Miklos, Adjunct Instructor; Trumpet

  • Jose Lopez-Ramos, Adjunct Instructor; Low Brass

  • Gail Johansen, Adjunct Instructor; Suzuki Pedagogy

Emeritus Faculty